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Glukalka ZX Spectrum Emulator


Glukalka is a emulator of ZX Spectrum 48K/128K and Spectrum clones for machines
running Unux and X Window System. The program is free software and is copyrighted 
under the GNU General Public License. 


  - ZX Spectrum 48K and 128K; Pentagon 128K; Scorpion ZS 256, 
  - Spectrum's AY-3-8910 chip on workstations with sound card,
  - Spectrum's beeper on workstations with sound card, 
  - Beta 128 interface by Technology Research Ltd with 4 disk drives,
  - Joysticks: Kempston, Sinclair and Cursor using keyboard.

 Loads from: 
  - Snapshots in .SNA or .Z80 format, 
  - Tape images in .TAP, .TZX, or .WAV format, 
  - Disk images in .TRD or .SCL format, 
  - Poke instructions in .POK format. 

 Saves to: 
  - Snapshots in .Z80 format, 
  - Tape images in .TAP, .TZX, or .WAV format, 
  - Disk images in .TRD format, 
  - Poke instructions in .POK format. 

 Additional features: 
  - Graphic User Interface using OSF/Motif®,
  - Support for 8/15/16/32-bit color resolutions,
  - Normal and double screen size,
  - Video effects such as Bilinear Filtering and Scan Lines,
  - Full Screen ability,
  - It's possible to use real tape recorder with the emulator,
  - AY volume leds,
  - Emulator configuration in file '.glukalka' in your home directory.


  - UNIX-like operating system,
  - XFree86 Server,
  - OSF/Motif® library such as LessTif.

Additional requirements

  - Intel® Pentium® II CPU running at 300Mhz or above is recommended,
  - Bilinear Filtering video effect requires AMD Duron(TM) CPU running at 800Mhz,
  - True full duplex sound card is recommended.

Some questions and answers

Q: Where can I download latest version of this emulator ? 
A: Latest version of the emulator can be founded at emulator's Project Page. 

Q: Emulator runs slow ! 
A: Please note, emulator's default settings are calculated for the machine
   with Intel® Pentium® II CPU.

 If emulator runs slow at you machine, try do following :
   - Swich-off all video effects,
   - Don't use doube screen size,
   - Decrease sound sampling rate,
   - Decrease emulator's screen refresh rate,
   - Switch X Server to lower colour depth,
   - Disable sound. 
 For example, here is recommended setting for machines with Intel® Pentium® CPU
 running at 166 Mhz :
   - No video effects,
   - Normal screen size,
   - 22050 Hz sampling rate,    
   - Screen refresh method : MIT-SHM 16 Hz,
   - 16 bit colour depth.

 Recommended setting for machines with Intel486(TM) CPU running at 100 Mhz :
   - No video effects,
   - Normal screen size,
   - No sound,
   - Screen refresh method : MIT-SHM 8 Hz,
   - 8 bit colour depth.

About autor

Dmitry Sanarin (Electrostal - Moscow Region - Russia)
E-mail: sanarin@sanarin.ru
ZX Certified webmaster